Marvel Heroes Black Panther Tips

marvel heroes black panther guideHere are some quick Marvel Heroes Black Panther tips to help you level up faster and start dominating the game as the T’Challa.  Keep in mind that the Black Panther not only has extremely powerful human abilities, but mystical powers bestowed upon him by the Panther God.  Using both these superhuman powers together is the key to using the Black Panther most effectively.

marvel heroes black panther stats

  • Set Predator’s Aim to max level when utilizing a basic attack.
  • Black Panther’s best attack powers are Predator Slash and Predator’s Aim.
  • Use his Scything Sweep until you get Savage Strike at level 28.
  • Equip Black Panther with Dodge and Critical gear along with Predator’s aim on during the early levels.
  • Use Agile Kick to put yourself in best position when fighting large mobs and bosses.
  • Jungle Snare and Vibranium Trap are also great for big mobs but use them sparingly as if eats up your spirit.
  • During the Panther Leap you are immune to damage, so take advantage of this glitch.
  • Use the Vibranium Trap anytime you need to get out of trouble fast.

These are just a few Black Panther tips for Marvel Heroes.  If you want some more advanced tips for every class in Marvel Heroes, check out SHIELD’s Marvel Heroes Guide.


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