Marvel Heroes Gets Cosmic Items and New Artifacts

New Marvel Heroes Cosmic Powers Incoming!

marvel heroes cosmic items

Marvel Heroes received its latest patch today that includes a new item rarity, Cosmic Items.  The patch also added a few buffs to some Marvel Heroes characters along with the usual bug fixes.  Here are a few highlights from the latest Marvel Heroes patch.

The most important part of the patch is the brand new Cosmic item tier.  The story behind this tier has to do with Doctor Doom’s Cosmic Cube, which has leaked cosmic power into items scattered through the game.  These new Cosmic Items will be highlighted in yellow in your inventory.  There are 5 basic Cosmic item types which will bump your powers by +1.

If that’s not enough these new Marvel Heroes Cosmic Items will have one of five special Cosmic Powers: Cosmic Starfall, Cosmic Bulwark, Cosmic Demonspawn, Cosmic Devastation, and Cosmic Might.  You can find out yourself in-game what these new powers will do to your enemies.

In addition to the new Cosmic Powers, the latest Marvel Heroes content update will introduce 2 new Artifacts:  The Circlet of Cyttorak and The Extremis Serum.  My favorite will definitely be The Circlet of Cyttorak becuase it will make your hero bigger and more resilience, just like Juggernaut himself.

There are also minor changes to crafting, items, endgame, terminal, the Mission Hub, and defense systems.  Captain America, Hulk, and Cable will also see new costumes in this patch.  Lastly, many Marvel Heroes will be getting some minor hero design and power changes in an effort to continually fine tune and balance gameplay.

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